She is free spirited, energetic and fun yet feminine and always elegant. She wears her heart on her sleeve and lets her soul be the illumination of her true beauty. She is the ultimate contemporary bride. She is the House of Kartalia bride.


Our Signateur Collection is our first release collection and will form the signature of our brand and the base for our future release collections. Signateur will be a forever changing collection that will feature our most iconic dresses. Our aim is to provide a range of different styles that capture the unique personalities of our individual brides. Whether you are a true contemporary bride, a classic bride, a hopeless romantic or a bohemian beauty, House of Kartalia will grasp your spirit and let it shine brighter than ever before.

All of our pieces within our collections are Australian designed & handmade to order. We specialise in sourcing fabrics worldwide to create the most unique pieces with the most unique fabrics for our unique contemporary brides. We stay true to being unique, none of our designs are mass produced and we are exclusive to our brand which means we are exclusive to you. Our collections will remain small and will be forever changing to ensure our brides remain true to our word, as unique as possible. We also offer a range of accompanying accessories that allow our brides to individually personalise their style.

We are all about the non-traditional at House of Kartalia but tradition is where style was formed which is why all of our designs take inspiration from traditional aspects with our own contemporary twist, creating the most timeless and elegant gowns for our one of a kind brides.


House of Kartalia is a home based studio specialising in creating a personal experience for our brides to be. Our home based studio allows for a relaxed environment to feel comfortable and really embrace and enjoy the journey of finding your dream wedding gown. We really want the experience to be an enjoyable and memorable one. It is a dream come true for us to be part of the experience of making all of our beautiful brides dreams come true and we therefore want it to feel magical. We look forward to welcoming you into our home.

For all of our brides who wish to buy our pieces online please email us. We believe buying a wedding dress online should be just as personal as buying a wedding dress in store which is why each of our brides still needs to book an appointment with one of our online stylists who will guide you through the journey to ensure the best outcome. 


Samantha is our creative director, head designer, girl boss and the face behind our name. She stems from a strong design background and a family history within the bridal industry

All of our pieces are designed by Samantha and all of our fabrics used are sourced worldwide and handpicked by Samantha. If you want to get a little more personal with our director, read our interview to find out more about her inspirations and passions.


“I didn’t want it to be about me and it’s not about me. The beautiful woman that inspires me to be better everyday came up with it in a brainstorming session, she decided to take an original feminine twist on her maiden name Carter combined with my mothers name Karen and add a little ring to the end of it, I loved it.

It represents originality and is a unique tribute to the wonderful, strong, inspiring females of my family” Samantha xx